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Our Story

Athletes often identify themselves by their sport. They put endless time, energy and effort into perfecting their craft. It provides an escape from the challenges they face in everyday life and motivates them to be at their best.

A cancer diagnosis can make an athlete feel vulnerable, helpless and left off the team. Questions take over: Will I ever be able to play again? How will my body change? Has anyone else like me been through something like this?

We found that although many athletes have faced cancer, it takes an extensive google search and outreach to piece all of their stories together. TMWRK was started after several individuals wanted to bring together the community of athletes who have faced cancer and share their inspirational stories on a single platform. This group will build mental strength by recruiting other athletes with cancer to join our team where they will receive support and mentorship during their cancer experience. But they didn’t stop there! The athletes at TMWRK were motivated to reach beyond their community and demonstrate the benefits of physical activity during and after cancer treatment for all patients. To achieve this, TMWRK is excited for the opportunity to partner with AKTIV Against Cancer, an international leader in the effort to make physical activity part of standard cancer treatment. Together, TMWRK and AKTIV can propel the field of Exercise Oncology to the forefront of cancer care in the United States through expertly-designed fitness facilities, patient-tailored physical activity plans and high-quality clinical research.

Our Mission


Our Vision

TMWRK will recruit athletes with cancer to work together and improve the cancer experience for all patients by:

  • Using a common platform to share inspirational stories
  • Creating a community of support and mentorship for athletes who receive a new diagnosis of cancer
  • Promoting the field of Exercise Oncology in the United States through expertly-designed fitness facilities, patient-tailored physical activity plans and high-quality clinical research
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